Friday, March 23, 2018

How to fuel a 18 wheeler.

How do you fuel a Semi Truck?

Fueling an 18 wheeler , or semi-truck, is really not that hard to do. There are a series of steps that need to be taken, and done correctly 
(you will need gloves for this).

1. Finding a fuel isle: One of the most important things you can do it to find a good fuel isle. this is    the determining factor of whether you will be spending an hour at this fuel stop, or only thirty minutes. 

*Things to look for when selecting a good fuel isle are:  Are there anyone else in front of that fuel isle? If the answer is no, then you pretty much have a clear lane to fuel and pull up in. without wasting any time at all.

If the answer is yes, look for a lane you think may be a good fit. Some tips are, try not to pull in behind a lane with a truck that has just moved up. they generally want to go in the store and use the restroom and get food and drinks and such.

Try to find a lane that has a truck that has already moved up, and generally the driver is already in the store. by the time you finish fueling the driver usually will have returned.

2. Lining up your truck for the fuel pump: Make sure you know how far back your fuel tanks are, and how far you need to pull up to access the fuel tanks, and that pesky DEF tank. Use your mirrors to line all of this up. It may take a few tries to get this right, but eventually you'll get to know the truck, and where to stop.

3. Information Information: When you get out of your truck to enter in the information, you'll need your truck number, and your odometer number mostly.  Slide your fuel card into the slot on the machine, it will ask for truck number, then odometer, then either trailer. Then it will proceed to ask you what products you will be purchasing (truck fuel, then DEF fuel).

If you are not purchasing one of these products, just hit skip, do not hit cancel, unless you want to cancel the transaction. Then it will ask you would like a cash advance, then if you need any additional products for your truck (such as oil, or wiper blades, etc) After this, it will process and turn on the pumps for you. Now you want to take the fuel nozzle and place each side in the tanks, and flip the metal piece down so the fuel continues to pump.

While this is going on, this is a good time to clean your windows, your mirrors, and throw away any trash you've been collecting in the truck. After the fuel is dispersed, now is the time for the DEF tank, the DEF tank is alot smaller than a fuel tank, and usually has a blue cap on it, with a very small hole for the nozzle.

WARNING: Do not put DEF fuel into regular fuel tanks.

Def generally takes a bit longer to disperse, and you do not want to get any of this on your clothing or hands, it will burn. I will go over fuel reward points in another post.

4. After fueling: After you fuel, you'll need to pull up, and hope noone is in front of you, if so, you have to wait. When you pull up, go ahead and run inside, use the restroom, get drinks or snacks, but generally don't try to take more than around 10 minutes to do all of this.remember the clock is ticking and now that we are mandated, we don't have any way to stop that clock besides a 10 hour break, and getting out of the fuel island quickly is a common courtesy to truckers behind you.

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