Friday, March 23, 2018

XM/Sirius Radio review for the Trucker

Having a XM / Sirius Radio for driving extreamly long distances is really a godsend, if you know where to mount the antenna.

Having gone from Cassette player, to FM radio, to CD player, I can honestly tell you that having an satellite radio for driving is really something you should not pass up on, it really is that great!

Imagine driving down the road, enjoying a talk radio channel, or your favorite music channel..when you hear the dreaded fizzing sound of you driving out of range of the signal.. now you have to find another channel, or listen until you cannot hear anything from that channel anymore.

With the satellite radio, you never have to worry about that at all! Just hookup the radio via the instructions, and soon, you will be listening to HD crisp music or talk radio of your choice! The service has over 200 channels for you to choose from, so everyone can find something they enjoy, and with buttons for preset stations, changing stations is a breeze!

Currently in my truck, I have a years worth of XM / Sirius Radio , and I couldn't be happier! Never having to worry about if my station is going to go out, and knowing I can listen to my favorite comedy channels all day long if I wanted to!

The only problem that I have ever had with the radio is the reception with the stock antenna that comes with the system. Although this antenna may be good for regular automobiles, placing it on a truck where it will have a good ground plane is not an easy task.

Two weeks ago I was given a tip about what type of antenna to purchase, and I've only dropped signal when I was in West Virginia, close to the mountains, and then, only for about 2 seconds. changing my antenna from the stock button antenna to this new antenna has made a 100x difference!

The antenna im talking about is the browning antenna with built in ground plane (I'll add a link to it at the bottom of the post). This antenna is amazing, it mounts like a regular antenna, and is more than half off the price of antennas in the truck stop. I've priced truck stop antennas, and they sell for around 65$, but on amazon theyre selling for around 29$, thats over half saved!

Anyways, sorry to rant so much, but i thought all of you out there in truck land should know about this amazing technology. Make sure you get an xm / sirius radio, and the antenna, you will not be dissapointed.

Also, if you drive a freightliner and are having a hard time finding a mounting point, you need to purchase a passenger side spot mirror bolt mount. where you want to mount this bolt mount is behind the truck, ( I know it sounds weird but trust me) , mount the bolt at the top most bolt that holds the side fairings on the truck, now mount the antenna on that bolt, and you will never loose reception ( unless extremely close to mountains) and then only for a second or two.

The link for the antenna is  

I hope this was insightful for everyone, and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask!


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