What are fuel rewards and how does it impact you?

Fuel rewards are incentives that fuel stops pay the drivers to use their facilities, and essentially fuel up at their stations. These "Rewards" usually are in some sort of point system, and also give a shower credit, and drink credit as well. Some fuel rewards also give tiers of rewards.

Pilot Rewards: the rewards program at Pilot give one point per gallon of fuel pumped, and three cents off of each gallon of fuel. they also give a shower credit for 80 gallons per stop. You gain free drink refills by purchasing drink refills, and the eighth is free.

Loves Rewards: the rewards program at Loves is based on a tier system. the tiers are based on the previous month's amount of gallons fueled. Tier one will get you one point per gallon of fuel and a shower and a free drink refill. Tier two will gain two points per gallon fueled, a shower and a drink refill. Tier three will gain three points, This status gains unlimited refills and unlimited showers. And tier four will gain four points per gallon fueled, unlimited showers and drink refills.

Gaining rewards for fueling your truck is a nice incentive and those points can go a long way!